July 28, 2014 | by Michael Gendreau
Top 10: Other Candidates for the Unseen

Recently, it was revealed that Nick Fury has been operating as the Unseen, Earth’s secret weapon against extra-dimensional threats.  Fearing his time on Earth is coming to an end, Nick Fury assembles a team of heroes to ostensibly investigate the Watcher’s murder; but it also serves as an audition to replace him as the Unseen.  Those heroes are Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, Gamora, Dr. Strange, Punisher, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Emma Frost.  While impressed by that bench of talent, the We3 Geeks team felt there were better candidates out there.  Each of the We3 Geeks nominated 7 characters and then selected the best 10 from the pool of 21.  Here are our top 10!

Black Widow1) Black Widow- The Russian super spy has decades of espionage experience and is a world class marksman. Black Widow has extensive contacts across the globe.

2) Captain Marvel- Military training, Kree powers, has overcome a lot in her life, vast powers (energy absorption), Carol would kick ass at keeping all of us safe.

3) Hellstrom- Ok, can we please ignore the fact that he is a villain in Avengers Undercover? Although shown as being somewhat reluctant as a hero, maybe what he really needs is a challenge and quest bigger than playing superhero.

4) The Hood- Parker Robbins has spent time as an anti-hero, and his role in the Original Sins: Young Avengers tie-in is nebulous, he is also a caring family man, and maybe if given ultimate power, he could be swayed to do the dirty jobs that need to be done!

petewisdom5) Pete Wisdom–In terms of being the Unseen, Pete Wisdom has it all; experience in the British equivalent of SHIELD (which he left because he disagreed with their tactics and got bored with his constant wetworks assignments), MI6, and MI13, a speciality in occult and paranormal oddities, and his mutant ability to throw “hot knives” from his fingers makes him an expert marksman. Add to that the fact that he’s been known to wear an eye patch, and he’s basically Nick Fury with a cuter accent.

6) Luke Cage- It’d be Sweet Christmas 365 days a year. Imagine how awesome this title would be, Luke at home with his wife and daughter, then heading out to fight the invisible evils (and of course, he’d have to have Danny join him now and again).

7) Misty Knight–Misty Knight is the queen of contacts. With both Heroes and Villains for Hire, she has an underground network of connections that she could easily utilize in her role as the Unseen. She smart, driven, and not afraid to make the hard choices when it comes to taking care of business. With near-perfect aim and superb detective skills, Misty should be a top contender.

rom638) ROM- The Galadorian Spaceknight had been doing the job of the Unseen long before we knew about the job. Lone crusader against a monstrous extra dimensional threat, Rom stood alone against the Dire Wraiths.

9) Valkyrie–Though she’s not one for subtlety, Valkyrie has the muscle and experience with magic and monsters that could be a real asset in the role of the Unseen. Valkyrie would be more of a wildcard, certainly, but her Asgardian physiology and noble steed bring something to the table that the other candidates just don’t have. Plus, her current body-sharing state with Annabell Riggs could definitely be used to her advantage in the position.

t-10) Psylocke–Psylocke is in the same vein as Emma Frost: an incredibly powerful psychic with few scruples. As the Unseen, Betsy could use her telekinetic energy projection to create a gun made of psychic energy…and that’s pretty bad ass. Her family tree also means she has experience with other realms, magic, mayhem, and that she’s pretty well-connected all over the world.

US1t-10) US 1- Who? Ulysses Solomon Archer. Super-trucker. He has excellent contacts on Earth and in space. “10-33 on the 616? US 1 gonna drop the hammer down!”

Even before he discovered geekdom, Mike was destined for it. One of the first "grown up" books he read was A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, followed by The Once and Future King. Mike's first comic was G.I. Joe #2, but became a DC fan with the Crisis on Infinite Earths. His first D&D character was a Red Box thief named Ardilla, and at an early age chose Star Wars over Star Trek. Mike married a Geek-Girl and he's raising his three kids to be Geeks.

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