July 14, 2014 | by Kimberly Fletcher
Top 10: Song Parodies Your Kid Probably Love

You Tube has given the world a platform to share their creative side. This has spawned hordes of Weird Al Yancovic wannabes who create parody after parody that will burn a hole into your brain like the original catchy chorus. With our youth searching for video game how-tos, rainbow loom tutorials and episodes of their favorite shows on YouTube a few of them are bound to discover a song or two which they will beg you to download. Here is a list of 10 parodies which you might hear coming out of your child’s electronic device.

1) Sesame Steet:  Share it Maybe

2) Paint: After Ever After

3) Sydney Amber S. : Do You Want to Kill the Batman?

4) TryHardNinja: Take Back the Night

5) J-Rice: What Does The Squid Say?

6) Deebri: Minions Are Awesome!

7) TryHardNinja: Fallen Kingdom

8) ThnxCya: Like an Enderman

9) Alex Griffin/Connor Diemer: Join Me Maybe

10) TheBajanCanadian: Hunger Game Song


Most of the selections can be purchased on iTunes. 

Kimberly spent years as an agent for MI-5, a consultant for Fringe Division and an adviser for the Torchwood Institute in London before walking away for a quieter life. A Master of the Art of Google-Fu she now spends her days being un-extraordinary in a field of cube farms creating magic with her black-box. Kimberly settled in the Northeast region of the United States with her tinfoil hat husband, Mad Dog, to raise their family of Super Villains. With a degree in film-making, a love of photography and art she fights the evil Stepford-wife urges to become an ordinary soccer mom.

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