November 9, 2014 | by Acts of Geek Network - Agni
Couch Chicks: Episode 003 “The Side of the Majority”

In this episode Jenna, Kim and Aryn talk Jason Katims’ golden touch on television, Stephen Moffat’s effect on the Doctor Who reboot and women in television.



Show Notes

 Jason Katims’ Gold


Stephen Moffat Effect on Doctor Who

  1. Messing with Fixed Points in Time Ideas that Rule the Show
  2. Overall Americanization of the Show and Large Quantity of Doctor Who Toys
  3. The Missing Jack Harkness
  4. Stereotyping and Over Sexulazation of Women – Including the TARDIS
  5. The Villians – Pushing his two Creations on Us (Weeping Angles and The Silence)


Woman on Television



The Watch List




Jenna HP
Founder of We ♥ of We ♥ Lover/Daydream Believer/Future TV Writer


Kimberly Fletcher
Founder of Acts of / Associate Editor at Acts of Geek / Trailer Whore


 Aryn Youngless
Associate Editor at We ♥ /Blog Team

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  • Wasn’t the opening title sequence of Doctor Who’s season 8 made by a fan? I mean, sure, there’s lots of fire in it… but we oughtn’t to blame it all on Moffat.

    I also feel like saying the “whole thing” of the Doctor’s existence was to be the last of his species and find camaraderie in a similar-looking species (humanity) ignores the entirity of the show prior to the reboot (where the Timelords and Gallifrey were frequently present). I mean, Moffat’s still done all sorts of not great stuff, but let’s be accurate in the way we cut him down.

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