November 2, 2014 | by The Kid
The Kid’s Eye: Clashing With The Clans

Friday night while I was getting ready for bed my Mom getting ready to watch something on TV. When I came into the living room I was excited to see Barbarians running across a field to battle. This stopped me in mid-goodnight kiss – “Mom, that’s Clash of Clans!” It was! The commercial was for the free strategy game download for iOS and Android. This was so cool. My Dad said that he sees the ads and people playing it on the train all the time on his way to work. It’s really popular with “commuters” – whatever they are.

Clash of Clans which was developed and published by SuperCell a gaming company in Finland that also makes popular game Hay Day. They first released the game for iOS in August 2012 and it wasn’t until September 2013 was it available for Android in Canada and Finland. A short time later (October 7, 2013) they released it to the rest of the world on Google Play. The strategy game can be played two ways. The most popular is the multi-player online version where  players build villages and train troops  to raid other villages for gold and resources. The other is single-play campaign where you can attack a series of goblin villages. I started out playing the goblin village campaigns, its a good way to build up resources and get use to the game play, but now I focus on the online version. I got my Mom to play too. She has it on her iPhone and she is getting pretty good too.

600948-clash-of-clans-iphone-screenshot-constructing-a-villagesAs you gain gold and this purple stuff called Elixir you can level up your buildings. Some of the buildings will only level up with Elixir and others only with gold. With the buildings you also have things to defend your buildings like walls, towers, cannons, bombs and mortars. These things help defend your village from other village and clan attacks while you’re away. There are also gems in the game which can buy you more resources and can speed up building in the game. Even though the game is free, people can buy gems with real money to gain an edge over other players and advance their clan. My Mom and Dad won’t let me do this so I’m stuck with what I can earn in the game.

Once you can rebuild the Clan Castle (which is a ruin when you first start the game) in your game you can join a Clan, a group of other players who work together to wage war against other Clans. Each clan has a Clan Leader and can have a bunch of Co-Leaders. These Leaders can begin wars with other clans. Being a part of a clan allows you to ask for troops to take part in clan wars. To join a clan you must meet their requirements, this means you must have so many trophies to be a part of the clan and the clan can also limit it the number of members to clan. I’m a part of a friends clan, but we haven’t had any Clan Wars yet! That’s fine I’m still building up my army.

clanDuring the game you can have shields over your village. The shield stops others from attacking you and raiding your village. The shields are timed and unless you pay (using gems) for additional shield time they go done. This means you can be attacked. During attacks your village and it’s defenses are on their own. You can’t do anything to help them fight the raiders. When the battle is over you can replay the attack and see where they attacked from or what they used. This can help you build up your defenses in a weak area. If your shield is up and you want to attack, you will lose them if you continue with your attack plans. Your shield times starts again when your village is attacked and your defenses lose. When you win and lose attacks, you gain and lose trophies. Gaining trophies will move you up in your league. When you want to attack you select the “attack” button, you can pick to find another online player to attack or the goblin villages. If you pick an online player it will match you with a village of equal strength. You can only pick a specific player if they have attacked you and you go for “revenge”. You can check your league leader board to see if you’re moving in the right direction!

I love this game, it’s a lot of fun. I do play it a lot, but its not a game you have to watch all the time though I’m sure some of the really serious players do. I often reset my village layout to try to better protect it from invaders, trying to learn what works better where. Supercell did a special update for Halloween that is so cool, adding skeletons in trees, pumpkins and gravestones. If you’re on Facebook (which I’m not because I’m too young) the Clash of Clans page has all kinds of updates and news about the game which is pretty great. The game is EPIC! If you’re not playing you need to be. Remember to tell your parents it’s FREE!

The Kid is on the chasm of 2nd grade at an Art Magnet school. When he is not doing homework he survives zombie filled nights in Minecraft, helping Superheroes battle the forces of evil and making amazing creations with highly-sophisticated inter-locking brick systems. All that and he still manages to get to bed on time.

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