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TOP 10: Actors Who Would Make A Better Dr. Strange

A couple of the staffers here at AoG are just not fans of Benedict Cumberblah, and feel his casting is just “Brit Flavor of the Moment.” Without any shame, and masking our identities with the anonymity of the interwebs, we present 10 better casting choices!

Aiden Gillen-Irish actor best known for the Wire, would bring some roguish charm to the good Doctor.

Casey AffleckThe more talented and compelling of the Affleck brothers, Casey brings a vulnerability and like-ability to all his roles.

Christophe WaltzTwo Oscars, this man can act, and speaks numerous languages, and can certainly bring the arrogance and menace.

Denzel WashingtonCan he pull off arrogant? Yes.

Eli RothSometime actor would bring a bit of the crazy!

James FrancoHe can act, don’t let all the stoner comedies fool you! But, if you wanted a Doctor who was a bit out there…

Javier BardemWhy not look beyond Great Britain if a non-American actor is cast? If there was an actor who could convey being able to stare down demons, Bardem is it!

Lucy LiuAccording to one AoG staffer “whenever someone wants to play the ‘who would you cast game’ my immediate response is always ‘Lucy Liu!’ she can do anything.’ She is Watson after all, so who are we to argue with that logic.

Monica BellucciIf Heimdall and Fury can be black, why can’t Doctor Strange be a woman?

Oded FehrIsraeli actor best known for the Mummy franchise.

Pedro PascalChilean Game of Thrones actor, and in keeping with the idea that actors in superhero franchises often appear in more than one franchise, was in the Wonder Woman pilot!

And, and 11th choice, just because. If there was one actor who could bring a new level of intensity and insanity to any role, an actor who is a die-hard fan of comicbooks, and an actor who needs to break out of his slump and deliver to us, the movie-going audience, another amazing, buzzworthy performance, why not Nic Cage?

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