February 1, 2015 | by The Kid
The Kid’s Eye: Mining a New Brick

It’s time to talk about two of my favorite things – MineCraft and LEGO. Yes, my dream came true with the release of the new MineCraft LEGO theme. Okay don’t get me wrong the LEGO micro World MineCraft sets were cool, but not as cool has the recently released MineCraft building series.

The sets which were released in November 2014, just in time for Christmas. Which is where I picked up my first set. My Uncle and Aunt gave me “The Cave” [21113] for Christmas and I couldn’t have been happier (okay maybe if it had been “The Mine” [21118], but my Mom tells me not to say things like that when I’m opening presents).  The series has 6 sets which are for the most part made up of the standard bricks which you can find in any LEGO maniac’s home. The mini-figures, the animals and the tools are the real things you’re looking for. From Steve’s square head to the Creeper body you’re not going to find this stuff in your regular LEGO sets. Between the “The Cave” and “The Farm” [21114] that I picked up with a gift card after Christmas I have started my own Minecraft LEGO world.

LEGO MINECRAFT POSTERMy Mom helped me understand I didn’t need the set right away to keep building. I could simply start digging through the massive amounts of brick we have in our house to find the pieces I needed to grow my world. It’s “Crafting 101” Lego Style. If you look online you can find a “Block Translator” poster which shows you what bricks LEGO is using for what MineCraft blocks. The only thing stopping you from building more is not being able to find the right piece. Lucky for me A) we have a lot of brick and B) my Mom is really good at building and finding the right brick for the job.

While the LEGO designers did take to Facebook for fan input, I think theylego-shave-a-sheep came up short in some ways. Lets talk about the sheep! The MineCraft LEGO Sheep are cute, but they could have been so much  more. Think about if they had built them similar to the ones (with the MineCraft head) like the sheep in the LEGO game Wild Wool (the original UK version was Shave a Sheep). If you could take off the wool and change the colors you could make dyed wool! Really am I the only one who sees how cool that would be?

Another issue I have is with the set called “Crafting Box” [21116]. This set is sold for $49.99. The set comes with 521  different color bricks. The big thing about this set is that it comes with 3 “mini-figures” – Steve, a Skeleton and a Mooshroom. Thing is if you are looking for just brick you’re paying way too much! A Basic Brick Deluxe set [6177] goes for $29.99 and has 650 pieces, while the LEGO Creative Bucket [10662] also goes for $29.99 and has 607 pieces. I get that you’re getting the figures and it’s the name you’re paying for, but really $20.00 extra! LEGO we’re kids – help us out!

Either way I’m excited about the MineCraft series. I have a birthday coming up and I’m hoping for some more sets – even ones I already have would be great, it just means I get to expand my world. It’s all about being creative.

The Kid is on the chasm of 2nd grade at an Art Magnet school. When he is not doing homework he survives zombie filled nights in Minecraft, helping Superheroes battle the forces of evil and making amazing creations with highly-sophisticated inter-locking brick systems. All that and he still manages to get to bed on time.

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