March 13, 2015 | by Barak Blackburn
GAME THE GAME: Friday the 13th Age and Beyond

It’s the 13th Age. 13 Icons. There are mentions of prior Ages, and prior Icons, I got to wondering, did the 1st Age have only 1 Icon? Will the 21st Age have 21 Icons?

Icons Who Came Before

The Fool
Grandmaster of Flowers
Grandfather Assassin
The Inquisitor
The Sliding Princess
The Summoner
The Wizard King

Some of these Icons and their brief write-ups greatly intrigue me. When Acts of Geeks ran an extensive playtest of 13th Age, our game ended at Epic Level with the PCs assuming their place as Icons, replacing some of the current Icons!

It was perfect and awesome and beyond Epic (was there a 3.x book that detailed beyond epic?).

But, extrapolating beyond the 14th Age (with potentially 14 Icons), I imagined a far future (isn’t that how Shadowrun came to be) with awesome new Icons, though some of the current Icons would surely still be around.

The Lich King of course. The Emperor.  The Priestess.

But what new Icons would take their place? With forgeborn being a thing, are cybernetics that far behind?

Stealing from my own game, I present:

gg_logoG33k Grrl

If her stories are to be believed, she is all natural. Her ability to interface with technology, that is. And the rest too, get your minds out of the gutters. She is the ultimate information broker. She talks to machines, she jokingly calls herself the computer whisperer, but few would dispute the veracity of her claims. If it is out there, somewhere, she can access it. She is a great friend to have, but she doesn’t make friends too easily.


“Who is buying me drinks? You? Yeah, your husband knows about your girlfriend already, I don’t want to deal with that.”




Barak Blackburn is not Daredevil. Likes comic-books. Likes role-playing games. Finds that he often doesn't like British geeky things. Likes Brian Michael Bendis. Can find the good in projects others dismiss (Sucker Punch). Thinks The Specials is one of the greatest superhero movies. Ever. Likes Marvel over DC. Makes tens of dollars writing game stuff. Strives to be a better person because of characters he created. Adores Friday Night Lights. Tears up at the end of Cars. Would watch Boogie Nights any time. Thinks Zac Efron should be Nightwing.

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