January 27, 2016 | by Bobby D
BobbyD’s Top 5 TMNT games

Top 5 TMNT games

So earlier in the week, Activision and Platinum games released the first trailer for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game; Mutants in Manhattan. To celebrate, I would like to count down my top 5 games based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Starting off, number 5 is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the GBA. Based on the 2003 series, this definitely isn’t the best game, but it is pretty fun. Each turtle gets 4 of their own levels plus a couple of mini games involving Mikey and Raphael. It’s a pretty decent beat em up that makes for a good time waster.


Next we have Danger of the Ooze for the 3DS. Based on the 2012 series, this game was released on other platforms, but it fits so well on the 3DS. A Metroid style game with RPG elements, it’s actually one of the better Ninja Turtles games in a long while. There are plenty of upgrades, special moves and weapons that increase the pace of the gameplay. Like I said, it’s a bit Metroid, but kind of a Ninja Gaiden clone. It has a few flaws, but manages to do it’s job as a licensed game. You get some cool tools like exploding shuriken. The boss fights are decent, save for the final one against the Shredder. There are plenty of enemies and you can chain together combos by using ranged and melee weapons in succession. If you have about 20 bucks to spend, give it a shot.


Number 3 is TMNT for the GBA, based on the 2007 film. No one expected this game to be good. Considering that the movie was only okay and the other games based on it were terrible. Okay, the console one was decent. At least the first few levels, but it ends up getting really terrible as time goes on and the original commercial made everyone think there was going to be multiplayer. Which could have saved the console version from being a piece of crap. Now the GBA version doesn’t have multiplayer, but it draws heavily from Turtles in Time. Probably the most popular TMNT game. There are rpg elements that allow you to customize different aspects of the turtles abilities. Along with the option of summoning a turtle in combat to help you out. It’s really short, but it also has a few minigames, as well as a hub world where you can fight an endless wave of enemies to your heart’s content.


Number 2 is TMNT Tournament Fighter for the SNES. A fighting game that features a pretty decent roster of characters. Each has their own fighting style and there are a few unlockable characters like Rat King and Karai. It kind of has the art style of the 90’s show mixed with the 90’s movies and comics of the time. You can play as a man shark and swim in mid air and as a giant triceratops man. That sells the game own its own.


Now I’m sure no one is surprised by number one. Turtles in time. The classic arcade and home console game that raised expectations for beat em ups. It draws mostly from the original cartoon and the 90’s movies. The arcade even had 4 player co op. I’m pretty sure only like one other Ninja Turtles game had that. There’s even an updated version available on PSN and X-Box live if you want an updated version. Here’s hoping that Mutants in Manhattan can bring back the hype Turtles in Time had and deliver on the 4 player realness.

Bobby's been reading comics since he was in middle school. He's always had an interest since he was a little kid watching cartoons on Fox Kids and Kids WB. He hopes to one day get a job writing comics or television.

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