March 14, 2016 | by Bobby D
If It Was Good: Fantastic Four (2015)

If It Was Good

Fantastic Four 2015

So before I get started, I would like to say I actually liked the 2015 Fantastic Four movie. I came out enjoying myself, yet I still recognize a lot of the flaws it had. I’m making this video in the hope that I can show where this film had potential and where this film needed to improve. With all that in mind, let’s dive into what I feel would make a better Fantastic Four film.

Our film starts out a little different. Instead of starting with Reed and Ben in school, we start with Reed sitting on the stoop of his apartment sketching blue prints for a device in his notebook in a notebook. He could have some science books that are way above his grade level next to him if you want to show that he has some idea of what he’s doing.

From the kitchen, his mother mentions he needs to hurry and finish his homework before his father gets home. Reed comments that he will, he’s just finishing up some plans for a project.

While Reed goes back to sketching, his mother comments that it doesn’t matter how smart he is if he doesn’t get his poor grades up he won’t be able to make those wild inventions he’s always drawing.
This little one off line establishes to the audience that Reed is an intellectual, but sometimes his own intelligence gets in the way of his success because even though he’s smarter than everyone in the room, he’d be disinterested in participating and it would affect his grades.

Reed continues sketching, but looks up to see people leaving out of the neighborhood Synagogue. Particularly a scrappy looking young boy in the form of Benjamin Grimm. Ben looks up and meets eyes with Reed who immediately looks back down at his notebook out of shyness and embarrassment.

We then shift the focus to Ben.

And sorry to deviate, but before we get into what goes on with Ben, I’d like to point out my biggest problem with the movie. While they did give focus to every member to some degree, the film kept trying to pin down Reed as the main character. In my opinion that defeats the purpose of a group film. You can convey someone as the leader of a group without making them the main character.

A fantastic four film should give you a chance to see the point of view from each member of the team individually before we see them together. They did a little bit of this with Ben and Johnny as well, but not to the degree of what was done with Reed. And Sue got kind of swept under the rug for the most part.

But we’ll get more into that later. For now, let’s get back to Ben.

Shifting focus to Ben, we see him and his family leaving Synagogue. It’s a little brisk outside, so Ben’s older brother gives Ben his jacket. It’s a little too big for him, so Ben just wears it over his shoulders.

They begin to walk home and on their way, they see a group of kids tagging the side of a building. The Yancy Street gang.

Now for those of you who don’t know, The Yancy Street gang is a gang from the comics that are a part of Ben’s history. Here we have young Ben Grimm looking curiously as he watches the gang spray graffiti. They could be spraying anti hate messages over antisemitic if you want to draw a connection to the fact that Ben grew up in a Jewish neighborhood.

The members of the gang stop their tagging and turn their heads to the family, a gang member nods their head to Ben’s older brother.

Ben turns to look up at his brother with slight confusion, his brother nervously deflecting the gang members gaze as their family walks on.
Ben doesn’t speak, however their father notices this and says “Uh…what was that about?” to which Ben’s brother comments “Nothing. It’s nothing.” trying to avoid the subject entirely.

Ben’s father makes a comment about how Ben’s brother better not be involved with any gang. Their father wants him to keep his head in the books, go to a good school. In their father’s words, make something of himself.

Ben gives one look back to the gang before his family go on their way.

We skip ahead a year or two. Reed and Ben are now high school age. If you want to be more specific, they are both 14. This scene takes place at night.

Ben is walking down the street in his brother’s jacket. It now fits him perfectly. He meets up with a group of kids all wearing hoodies. They greet him with handshakes and hugs, one hands him a paint can. Now we as the audience can clearly see that this is the Yancy Street gang and Ben has somehow in between this time joined up with them. Despite the words of his father.

The group begins to walk together eventually meeting up with another gang. They see this gang spraying antisemitic message on the synagogue from earlier. The Yancy Street Gang rushes in and a fight breaks out. Ben in particular is dishing out punches left and right. In the middle of the fight a police car shows up outside of the alley. Their sirens blare and they shine lights onto the scene of the fight. The young gang members all scramble.

Meanwhile, Reed is outside on his stoop, sketching again when his mom calls out to tell him to take go check on the laundry. He gets up to go, bringing his sketch book with him as he heads to the laundry room of his apartment complex.

He begins taking clothes out of the dryer when who else but Ben rushes into the laundry room trying to hide. Reed and Ben are both shocked as they lock eyes. Reed hears the police outside and Ben has a scared look on his face, not knowing what to do.

If he goes outside, he risks getting caught by the cops. However he also can’t stay here cause Reed will obviously rat him out.

While Ben is questioning what to do, Reed takes action, pulling Ben aside and telling him to hide next to the dryer. An officer comes in and asks Reed if he’s seen anyone run past here. Reed lies and the officer goes on their way.

After the cop is gone, Ben gets back up and thanks Reed for his help. He tries to leave, but Reed asks him to wait, noting that the cops might still be looking around the area.

Ben asks Reed “Why would you help me?” to which Reed replies “You looked like you were scared.”

The two then introduce themselves. Both sitting on top of the laundry machines as Ben begins to tell his story.

He tells Reed that his brother was a member of the Yancy Street gang as well. That they were a bunch of kids trying to protect their neighborhood from skinheads and punks who wanted to cause trouble. He looked up to his brother, thought he was a hero. Ben tells Reed that the year before, his brother was killed in a gang fight. Ben felt an obligation to fill the same role that his Big brother started, so when he turned 14 he joined up with the gang.

As Ben and Reed continue talking, Reed’s mother comes in the room. “Reed? Are you okay?” she asks. “I saw the police and…” she pauses, looking at both Reed and Ben. Ben is nervous, but Reed puts a hand on his shoulder and plays it cool.

“Mom.” he says. “This is my friend Ben. From school. Is it okay if he stays for dinner?”

Reed’s mother smiles, happy to see her son socializing. She invites Ben in, who gladly accepts and helps Reed bring the laundry inside.

We see the beginning of a budding friendship and we get to see the focus shared between Reed and Ben, rather than focusing 90% on Reed. We also don’t see Reed building the teleportation machine. We see it hinted with with Reed’s sketches. We question what he might be building and we’re curious to see if it has significance to the story.

Now we switch over to the other half of our story, Sue and Johnny Storm.

In the movie Johnny got a proper intro to his character, but Sue kind of got relegated to being Reed’s love interest. Them having a romance isn’t the problem exactly. It’s the fact that she was given so little chance to develop and that her character revolved around everyone else without them giving much attention back to her.

We start with Sue giving a presentation on the scientific possibilities of teleportation at the Baxter Building. In my version, it’s still a research facility slash learning institute for young geniuses. We could have a bunch of big important government scientists there to observe her findings, along with students. Sue finishes her presentation and everyone is impressed. Particularly here father and Doctor Harvey Elder who co-run the institute. Sue leaves the podium and goes backstage where she meets with her father and Dr Elder.

Her father congratulates her and Sue asks if Johnny is there. Her father replying with a bit of annoyance that Johnny couldn’t seem to be bothered to show up. Wondering why Johnny would rather work on cars that take classes at the institute, since he’s basically given a free ride. Sue looks a bit sad as her father walks off and Dr. Elder mentions that he has an associate who is looking to fund Susan’s research. Hmm. I wonder who that associated could be? Perhaps someone critical for the story to move forward, but is perhaps handled a little better this go around.

Before he can go on, Reed and Ben interrupt. Both now being about a year older than Sue. Reed introduces himself and Ben before commenting that he’s a big fan of Susan’s research and that he’s actually come across similar findings. He hands Sue his sketch book and she flips through a few pages before Dr. Elder moves Reed aside and walks Susan out of the auditorium. He comments that Sue has a lot of work to do and that if Reed wants to talk with her he’d have to schedule a meeting.

Reed walks off disappointed with Ben following behind. Ben comments that Elder is a jerk and Reed’s too good for this school anyway. Reed thanks Ben, but says he was really looking forward to speaking with Sue Storm since their research is so similar. Ben smirks and gets half way through making a comment about how Reed must have a crush before he’s cut off by the sound of a muscle car pulling up to the Baxter building.

Here we’re introduced to Johnny Storm. He steps out of the car with an air of confidence that could fill up the entire campus. He walks by Reed who makes a comment about how Johnny must have customized his car. Ben mentions where Johnny must have gotten the parts for it. Johnny stops, seeming impressed by their knowledge. Though he says while Ben seems like the kind of guy who knows about cars, Reed doesn’t look the type.

Reed says he use to tinker with parts from his father’s car and often had to memorize the parts in case he broke something.

The pair introduce themselves to Johnny, who then introduces as just Johnny, leaving out his last name. Johnny asks if their students and Reed explains that he and Ben were trying to get Reed’s studies to Dr. Franklin and Susan.

Johnny says he can get them a meeting since he was actually on his wait to meet Dr. Storm.

The two follow him to an office where a security guard says they can’t go in cause Dr. Storm is busy. It could be Willy Lumpkin if you want to reference the comics. He then notices Johnny with them and apologizes, letting them inside.

Dr. Storm seems to be having an argument with someone on the phone about Susan’s research. Again, perhaps this is someone who will end up being important to the story. Hint, hint.

Anyway, Dr. Storm notices Johnny and tells the person on the phone that they’ll have to talk later. He hangs up and mentions to Johnny that he missed Sue’s presentation. Johnny apologizes and lies that he’s been keeping up with his studies, by working with Reed and Ben.

Dr. Storm is hesitant, but he gives Johnny the benefit of the doubt and introduces himself to Ben and Reed.

Johnny mentions that Reed is actually a fan of Dr. Storm and that he had something to show him.

Reed hands him the sketchbook with all his research and Dr. Storm is rather impressed. He tells Reed about an upcoming project that his daughter is working on and how Reed’s research could actually be a good contribution to the project.

Reed says he flattered and Dr. Storm says “Well, how would you like to be a part of the project?”

Reed is shocked. “Of course!” he says “I mean, I would be honored sir. But uh, only if Ben can help too. He’s helped me since we were kids and I can’t see myself moving forward with my research without him there to help.”

Dr. Storm agrees and tells them Johnny will be working with them too. And then Johnny is like “Whaaaat?” And Dr. Storm says “I wouldn’t want to separate you from your study group. Besides, you already missed your sister’s presentation, so you might as well make it up to her.”

He then tells the three that he has work to do before handing them a folder that he says has all the information on when the project will begin and what it will entail.

The three leave and Reed comments that he didn’t know Sue Storm had a younger brother. To which Johnny replies “It’s not like anyone would really care.” Now Johnny doesn’t mean to be this blunt, but it shows how he views himself despite his confident personality. We also see this in how he and his father talk to each other.

Something that they tried to show in Trank and Kinberg’s film, but really just amounted to the two of them arguing a lot before Johnny forgives him and Dr. Storm gets scannered.

Moving on. Reed and Ben bid Johnny goodbye as they head back to their dorm. Meanwhile Johnny decides to stop by the labs at the Baxter Institute to have a conversation with Sue. Sue is busy prepping for the start of the project when Johnny walks into the lab. She stops what she’s doing and walks over to Johnny as the rest of the lab team continues working.

Sue mentions that she’s glad to see that Johnny stopped by. Johnny tells her that their dad is making him work on the project with her and that he thinks their father is trying to push him to be something he’s not. Sue reassures him that their father is just trying to help in his own way and that wanting Johnny to work with her on the project is a huge sign of trust, considering how important it is.

Despite not being sure of what his dad really thinks of him, Johnny tells Sue she’s probably right and the two hug before Johnny leaves.

He turns around to apologize to Sue before leaving as Sue returns to her work.

As Sue is working, Dr. Elder comes to the lab and says that one of his associates will be coming tomorrow to see the progress on Susan’s project. Susan is a bit surprised as she wasn’t expecting anyone to be there other than students, staff and a few government scientists.

Elder tells Sue to relax and that his associate is someone who is interested in advanced scientific discoveries and that he simply wishes to observe if Susan’s research is worth funding.

Sue says she still isn’t sure, but Elder reassures her that she’s smart enough to pull this off so there’s nothing to worry about. Sue asks who Elder’s associate is and he tells her that he’s been asked not to disclose this information. As his associate is someone who’s position draws a lot of attention that he would rather avoid bringing to Sue’s presentation.

He leaves the room and Sue is left feeling a bit nervous and uneasy, going back to work wondering who this mystery potential benefactor could be.

We move forward to the next day when Ben and Reed are walking into the Baxter building. They meet Johnny inside who guides them to where the experiment will be taking place. They take an elevator to a floor of the Baxter building that’s off limits to everyone except those given special access. When they arrive, Willy, the guard from before, gives them all key cards for getting through a big door in front of them.

The three swipe their cards and walk into to a huge room with the framework for the teleporter in the middle of the floor. Reed and Ben are aw struck. Both commenting on how they had no idea something like this was in the Baxter building.

Dr. Storm and Sue walk up to them and Dr. Storm says that he hopes they are not overwhelmed.

He then introduces Sue to Ben and Reed. Sue says she remembers meeting him at her presentation and Reed’s face lights up. Before Reed can talk, Dr. Elder enters the room with someone behind him. A young man in a black suit with brown hair and a well trimmed beard. He has a single scar below his eye. He stands with an air of authority that seems to draw attention from everyone in the room.

Dr. Storm furrows his brow as he sees the young man, but doesn’t even acknowledge him. Instead speaking to Dr. Elder. “Harvey, what possessed you to include him in this?” says Dr. Storm.

Dr. Elder tries to speak, but the young man puts his hand on his shoulder and Dr. Elder goes quiet.

“Franklin. When we spoke over the phone I was simply calling out of common courtesy. You and I both know I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Besides, who do you think was the primary benefactor of this experiment?”

Franklin is visibly upset. He and the man in the black suit have a stare down for a brief moment before Dr. Storm walks off. Sue and Johnny are visibly concerned with their father’s reaction, while Reed and Ben just sort of stand around awkwardly. As the feel they’ve stepped into some drama.

The young man walks over to the group and offers a hand to Reed.

“I’m sure it will be a pleasure to work with you Mr…”

“Reed. Reed Richards.”

“Richards. I am Victor. Victor Von Doom.”

Dun dun dun!

Okay, so I know you all saw that coming, but in the context of people seeing this movie for the first time, this would have been great.

We kind of get a soft introduction to Victor in the movie, they try to make him just some regular guy. A genius, but still a 20 something who barely showers and sits at home playing Call of Duty.

And while I think Toby Kebbell did a good job as Victor and had some good moments in the film, I don’t feel like we as fans or casual viewers got the Victor Von Doom we wanted or expected. Here we see Victor is already successful. We see he has a past relationship with the Storm family and a falling out with Franklin. By the way he carries himself we can tell he’s someone with a high opinion of their self.

Someone who expects others to follow along. He’s not exactly evil, but he kind of forgets that other people have opinions and ideas because he’s Victor Von Doom. He thinks he’s always right.

Moving forward we see Ben asking Johnny what’s the deal with Victor. Johnny explains that Victor was once their dad’s protege. He and Sue even dated. Victor was actually helping Sue with her research, but Dr. Storm said that Victor’s methods were too dangerous. Victor being Victor went ahead with building a working model of the teleporter.

And without Dr. Storm’s permission, tested it himself. What Victor didn’t know was that Sue was in the lab to retrieve something when he activated the teleporter. Something went wrong and the machine exploded. Susan was knocked out and Victor was injured, receiving his signature scar.

Though they were both fine in the end, Dr. Storm became fed up with Victor’s recklessness and had him banned from working in or attending the Baxter Academy. Apparently Victor took his skills elsewhere and built up wealth before returning to his home country of Latveria.

Ben then asks if it’s a good idea for Victor to be there. Johnny says that Victor can be kind of a jerk, but if anyone can help Sue make this work it’s Victor.

From here we see the progress that the group makes on Sue’s teleportation project. Sue telling them about her design and how each of them will contribute. The three hanging out in between work sessions and getting to know one another. We’d even get a scene where Reed and Victor talk about how they becam interested in science. Victor is suprised that Reed can hold his attention and for a moment actually finds a kinship in him.

And with Reed being around more people like him, we get a small sign of jealousy from Ben who feels that now that Reed is in the company or other science minded people, he’ll leave Ben behind. Obviously this isn’t true, but Reed’s been Ben’s support system for years. And Reed feels the same way, however we start to see that Ben can sometimes have a low opinion of himself.

Eventually the machine is complete and it’s time to start the experiment.

Dr. Storm thanks everyone for their contributions and says that there will be a team tasked with traveling through the teleportation machine. However Victor suggests that he, Sue, Reed, Johnny and Ben use the machine.

Franklin says absolutely not, but Victor retorts by saying that they built the machine, so they should be the one’s to use it. He doesn’t want anyone else taking the credit for their work. Franklin expresses how dangerous it is, but Sue brings up that Victor has a good point.

Sue’s a woman in a scientific field and although she knows her father means well, she also knows how easily the scientific community will act as if her contributions aren’t important. If she was to test the machine herself, no one could possibly exclude her from her own work.

Johnny says he’ll go to. Reed is a bit cautious, but Ben agrees. Partly because he wants to show up Victor and look good in front of Reed.

Reed agrees and Franklin sees that he’s outnumbered. Especially with Victor donating most of the funding. He agrees, but only on the condition that he monitors the experiment.

Later, the five suit up and get locked into the teleportation machine. Dr. Storm and Dr. Elder monitor the experiment along with a crew of scientists. Observing the experiment is some of the senior staff of the Baxter institute and various scientists from different organizations.

The experiment goes about the same as it did in the actual film. With the group ending up in the other world, except now Sue is here.

Everything is pretty much the same. They explore. They find the weird green stuff in the ground. Stuff starts going wild and Victor ends up falling off a cliff.

The team tries to escape through the machine, but are still exposed to the energies that give them their powers. On the other side of things, we see Dr. Storm watching all this on a computer screen and crying out to his children as all seems lost. His head is flooded with thoughts of pain and regret as he believes his deepest fears have been realized. The screen goes black.

Now in the film, they show the four reacting to their powers and being tested on in a secret lab. However instead of showing the four of them in pain and trying to grasp their symptoms, in my version, we’re gonna time skip forward a few months. From here I’m going to be changing a lot because while it also had some good bits, I think the second half of the film changed the tone of the movie abruptly and that kind of affected the film itself. So I’m going to try to keep the balance of this being both a sci fi film and a super hero action film.

Several months have passed and we see Dr. Storm walking along the streets of New York. He walks by the Baxter building. There is construction being done and we Dr. Storm have a mournful look on his face. Implying that he’s still reeling from a recent tragedy in his life. He begins to walk away before hearing someone scream. He turns around to see a group of people looking up at the Baxter Building. Strange rifts appear in the sky. The construction workers who are repairing the building look up to see several strange boulders falling from the rifts.

The boulders start dropping onto the building, causing turbulence for the workers. A rift opens just above one of the workers and a rock almost falls on him, if not for the intervention of an invisible force field. As few more rocks fall we see the entrance of Sue, Reed and Johnny. Their costumes are blue, not black. Not that I didn’t like the costumes, but they left something to be desired. Sue and Reed riding on one of Sue’s force discs while Johnny flies by in a streak of fire.

The three of them work perfectly together as a unit, each taking care of the falling rocks. As the three continue to contain the situation, one of the workers loses their balance and falls because of a boulder that hits the side of the building. Just as it seems that he’s about to fall to his death, a large rocky figure jumps up and catches him, grabbing on to the side of the building with his free hand. Clearly we know this is Ben Grimm, but I kind of think it would be cool to have the rest of the team doing cool stuff and build up the anticipation for seeing Ben.

Reed pulls out a small machine and points it at the sky. With the press of a button the spacial rifts seem to all close up.

Down below the crowd is cheering. A lot of people in awe, like “Oh my god, it’s the Fantastic Four!” and stuff like that. The reason I did this is because I didn’t like that the team never had a big public moment. It was such a contained event that even when we see stuff happening in the outside world, the scale still feels so small. So I’ll try to widen the scope a bit.

Dr. Storm looks on and kind of slinks away from the crowd before any of the team can see him. Though Sue catches him out of the corner of his eye just as he leaves.

The next scene shows the team returning to a government building. They enter inside and are greeted by Dr. Elder who congratulates them on a job well done and tells them that they are to go to a presentation that will be starting soon. Johnny makes a comment about how boring these things, but Dr. Elder tells them it’s necessary.

We move to the team at a press conference. Different reporters are asking about the incident with the spatial rifts and how the Fantastic Four will handle it. Dr. Elder explains that like the four’s powers, the rifts are an effect of the teleportation experiment gone wrong.

One of the reporters ask about Dr. Storm. What has happened to him since the failed experiment, where is he now?

Dr. Elder explains that Dr Storm took full responsibility for the incident. Not only was her removed from his position, but his doctorates were revoked as well.

Elder also spews bullshit about how he’s saddened that Dr. Storm couldn’t be here and how he’ll do all that he can to help his children and students.

The four are bored out of their minds, but Ben seems particularly agitated because the audience keeps staring at him.

In the middle of Dr. Elder’s speech, Ben gets up and heads backstage, much to the Doc’s dismay. Reed goes to check on him and we see a bit of Ben’s anger about his current situation. Sure they are well liked, but he’s stuck in a body he didn’t ask for. Reed asks if everything is okay and Ben just tells him “No. It’s not. You know I wouldn’t have gotten in this mess if it wasn’t for you.”

Reed’s hurt, but he tries to explain “Ben, I’m sorry. We’re all hurting, but I know this must be the hardest on you. Dr. Elder says that public funding will allow me to research for a cure. If you just wait, I can help you.”

Ben’s not having it. He says that he can’t wait for Reed to save him again, their not little kids anymore. Reed asks if this means that Ben is going to leave. Ben sounding defeated, “Where else would I go?”

Ben walks away and Reed is left standing alone. Except it turns out Sue was listening to the entire conversation, being invisible until she reveals herself to Reed.

She asks if he’s okay and he says that he’s fine, he’s just more worried about Ben. Sue reassures Reed that Ben doesn’t really hate him, he’s just in pain and angry at his situation. Sue views herself as being responsible for their current condition, since it was her experiment in the first place.

Reed tells her it wasn’t her fault and asks if Johnny is still with Dr. Elder. Sue comments on how he’s probably working the crowd and how Johnny seems to be the only really enjoying himself.

And from this scene we get to see how each of our main characters view themselves and their situation. We have Ben, who’s angry and resentful, but feels like there’s nothing he can do about it. Reed who feels a responsibility to help his best friend. Just like he has since they were kids. Sue, who feels a responsibility to the group as a whole. Somewhat reflecting her mother figure role for the group in the comics. And Finally Johnny who for the first time, feels important. The public loves him and maybe he’s getting the kind of attention he never felt that he received from his father.

We move to a scene where a few members of the crowd are asking for Johnny’s autograph. He’s doing some tricks for the crowd. The usual show off stuff. Meanwhile, Reed and Sue are in a laboratory. Reed working on a possible cure for their condition and Sue looking into the problem with the spatial rifts.

She tells Reed that the rifts have been getting more frequent lately. As if something is about to happen. Reed says that he’s noticed and that it’s getting harder and harder to predict when and where they will happen. He also mentions that he’s going to make some modifications to his device from earlier. Which he calls the Nullifier so they can stop the rifts permanently.

Sue then mentions that she wishes her father was here. She always felt more confident with him in her corner. She mentions how she saw him earlier at the Baxter Building and says that she wonders how he’s they haven’t seen him in months.

Well we’ll see how he’s doing. Downstairs we see Dr. Storm arguing with a guard that he needs to speak with Dr. Elder. He’s about to be kicked out, but Johnny sees him and rushes over to tell them to let him in. The guard tells Johnny that Dr. Storm is banned from the building. However when Ben asks, they seem to be a bit more agreeable and let him and Johnny speak with Dr. Storm.

Dr. Storm says that he needs to speak with Sue. This unintentionally ticks Johnny off a bit, who asks why his dad’s so eager to only speak with Sue when he hasn’t spoken with Johnny in months.

“Johnny this is important. It can’t wait.” says Dr. Storm, sounding distressed.

Ben watches the exchange between the two. Their argument reminding him a bit of himself and Reed.

Dr. Storm continues to insist it’s an urgent matter, while Johnny just wants to hash it out. Eventually Johnny gets fed up and tells his father where he can find Sue. He’s ask Ben to take him up there since his father doesn’t have access, before walking off in a huff.

Ben escorts Dr. Storm to see Sue, who is still with Reed. She hugs her father and asks if he’s okay. Dr. Storm tells her that he’s fine, but there is something he needs to discuss with her and Reed.

Dr. Storm brings up the rifts and Reed mentions that he and Sue have noticed that they’ve become more frequent. Something Dr. Storm has noticed as well. He also says that he knows why. He tells them that he believes the rifts are not a side effect of the experiment, but that they might be artificial.

He tells them that despite it seeming that the rifts occur at random, they are in fact happening in a pattern.

Sue asks how this is even possible, since there have been no other teleportation experiments. Dr. Storm theorizes that there must be something alive on the other side creating the rifts. Which Reed thinks is impossible since they never found anything suggesting that there was sapient life on the other side of the rifts.

Before Dr. Storm can continue, Dr. Elder arrives. He’s furious that Dr. Storm is there, but manages to hide it in front of Sue and Reed.

Before Elder can say anything, Dr. Storm says that he’ll leave before it causes any problems.

Dr. Storm leaves and Dr. Elder asks about the progress on Reed’s device. Reed tells him that he’s close to finding a way to seal up the rifts forever, but he’s also concerned about finding a cure for their conditions.

Dr. Elder is like “That’s nice and all buddy, but how about those extra dimensional resources?”

Sue and Reed are like “Wha?”

Dr. Elder is like “Hey, relax. Just think of what two geniuses like you could do with all those potential new scientific discoveries. Sure the experiment went horribly wrong the first time, but the applications are still there. I’ll tell you what, keep doing what you do, take some time to think on it and get back to me. Okay? Okay.”

Meanwhile, Johnny is in a training room letting out some pent up aggression. Mostly by shooting things with fireballs. Ben is with him, lifting weights. Johnny begins to go on and on about how his father seems to neglect him and how he’s never really sure about how his dad sees him. He says the he’s never resented Sue for being so smart, but it’s also bothered him that their father seemed to be more interested in everything Sue would do.

Ben makes a comment about how he’s been angry with Reed lately. He knows what happened to him isn’t Reed’s fault, but he’s just been so frustrated lately. He also says that he used to think Johnny had it easy, but he ca relate to Johnny being stressed out.

Back with Reed and Sue, they are discussing what happened earlier when they get an alert about a possible rift opening somewhere in New York.

They inform Johnny and Ben and soon the team is off to deal with another breach. It’s an almost silent ride this time. A lot less triumphant than when we first see them working as a team. Now all the cards are on the table and no one really likes the hand they’ve been dealt. Reed explains where the portal will open, but other than that, no one really says anything.

The team arrive in Central Park where the rift is supposed to open up. Sue tosses up a quick invisible bubble around the general area to keep civilians out in case anything happens.

Reed is confused because all of his calculations point toward the rift opening any moment. Just at the team is about to leave a huge rifts opens right above them. The force created by it shatters Sue’s force field and knocks them back.

The team looks up as what looks like an energy storm bursts through the rift. The light is so blinding they barely notice a silent figure standing in front of them.

The civilians around the area begin to stare as the storm dies down. A cloud of smoke covers the lone figure. The team looks up and makes out an almost human silhouette.

Everything seems eerily silent as the figure begins to speak.

“This world remains the same” the figure says.

The four can almost recognize the figures voice, but it seems impossible.

The smoke clears and an intimidating man stands in a metallic suit and tattered green cloak. The suit resembles a mangled version of the suits that the team wore during the teleportation experiment.

“Victor?” says Sue, confused and terrified of the figure before them.

And then he utters the line that should have been great, but kind of just rolled off in the actual film.

“There is no Victor, only Doom.”

With a single swipe of his hand, the team is brushed away. Doom looks around and before raising a fist. Some more of the energy begins to pour out of the rift, except this time it seems to be directed by Doom.

It begins creating matter around central park, form something similar to that weird rock machine from the actual movie. Except this isn’t the end of my movie, so we’re gonna get an actual explanation about what it is rather than some fly by explanation about how Victor is basically Green Team on roids.

Our heroes collect themselves and get into action. They charge at Doom, prepared to take down their once believed fallen colleague. And…they get their asses kicked. On the one hard, there are four of them and one of Victor. However, Victor is focused while the team is kind of distracted right now. There’s a lot going on in their heads right now. They aren’t working and it really shows.

Doom’s various abilities make quick work of the team. They look up at Victor who begins to gloat over his apparent victor, because that’s what Dr. Doom does. He prepares to strike a final blow but suddenly his body seems to fade.

He makes a comment about how he’s run out of time before he disappears completely along with the portal.

The team is left confused and humiliated in the middle of central park. The people around them are confused and terrified. “How could they Fantastic Four lose?” “I thought they said they were going to close the portals?” “Who was that metal guy?” So many questions and our heroes have very little answers.

A van arrives with Dr. Elder on board and a crew of security agents and scientists from the team’s headquarters. Dr. Elder wants to know what’s happened and Reed explains about Victor.

Sue recalls about what her father mentioned. That the rifts were artificial. If Victor was making them then it had to be for a purpose. She suggests that they consult her father on the data he might have found. Dr. Elder says he’ll see about it, but the team all knows that’s bullshit.

They’re taken back to headquarters, but not before Reed collects a sample from the construct that still stands over Central Park.

Back at headquarters, the team analyze the sample of the construct. Reed finds that it’s actually similar to Ben’s own structure and that when a shock is applied to it, it fills in these lines almost like a microchip.

Despite the combined intellect of Reed and Sue, the team can’t figure out what Victor is up too. They know it’s only a matter of time before he comes back and they know they have to stop him.

While Reed tries to think of a way to stop Doom, Sue and Johnny sneak off to go find their father.

Sue believes it’s the best course of action, since they father has insight into the situation that they don’t. And even though he’s having problems with his dad, he’s mostly doing it for Sue. If his dad has info that could help them stop Doom, then it might be worth the grief.

They head to the old Baxter building and finds their father hanging around near by. He asks how they knew he would be there and Johnny says they know how much this place meant to him.

They begin to tell him about what happened with Victor, Dr. Storm says he heard about what happened through the news, but he needs to tell Johnny something.

He apologizes for the way he’s acted. He tells Johnny that he regrets seeming like he wasn’t interested in what Johnny wanted for his life. He’s always been proud of him, it’s just that their two different people and that he never really saw the forest through the trees.

Johnny’s touched, but still realizes solving their Doom problem is more important than having a heart to heart with his dad. We see Dr. Storm smile, finally seeing the serious side to his son that he never really noticed was always there.

Sue offers to give their dad a ride to the headquarters and the three are off. Maybe even with a quick little gag where Dr. Storm is kind of freaked out and looking at the ground below him while flying on one of Sue’s discs.

Back at the lab, Reed and Ben are kind of sitting in silence while Reed tries to figure things out. Both sort of exchanging glances every so often.

Finally Reed breaks the silence by talking about a time when they were younger. He says the first time he met Ben he was kind of scared.

Ben assumes Reed means that he was scared that Ben would have hurt him, but Reed corrects him. Reed tells Ben that he was scared because he never lied to his parents before. Protecting Ben had been the first time he ever lied to them, but it felt like the right thing to do.

Ben says he never quite understood why Reed lied for him, but he understands that Reed cares about him. The two both try to apologize. Reed for seeming distant and Ben for taking his frustrations out on Reed.

Johnny and Sue return with their father who shares his findings with the team. He says that Victor’s mutation must have allowed him to survive all this time. He also tells them that even though they don’t know Doom’s endgame, he thinks the device Doom is creating will convert energy into new matter. Matter that Doom can control through thought.

Reed and Sue theorize that the rifts are Doom trying to create a lasting rift. Reed says if he can manage to get close enough to Doom while a rift is open, he can use the Nullifier to well, nullify Doom’s powers and finally close off the rifts for good.

As the team is discussing this an alert goes off signaling that another rift will be opening soon. They check to see where the rift will open and the coordinates are right over the Baxter Building, where it all began. All their computers blip out and the images are all replaced with Doom’s face. Ben asks what’s happening and Reed says it looks like Doom is broadcasting across all frequencies throughout New York. Doom gives a speech to the world about how he’s going to end it and make it his own. How their heroes can’t stop him, yada yada yada.

The team and Dr. Storm head out and we get a little scene of Dr. Elder trying to take command because he’s always been afraid Dr. Storm would come back and he wouldn’t be in charge anymore cause he’s a shit. The team basically tell him to piss off and take off anyway.

They arrive at the Baxter building just as a large rift is opening. They drop Dr. Storm off at a safe spot and go to fight Doom who is waiting for them, sitting on his construct throne.

This time, they are ready for him. Before they were fractured, but now they’re back to being a well oiled machine. They are able to hold their own, though Doom still seems to have the upper hand.

Doom begins building another one of his constructs, this one being bigger than before.

While Reed is prepping the Nullifier, Sue and Ben are taking Doom head on, while Johnny tries to distract him.

Johnny makes an off handed comment about how Doom looks like crap and we see Victor take a moment to notice his reflection. Maybe in a puddle or some other reflective surface. We see him take a moment to become a more refined Doom. Way more visually appealing than a sweaty corpse in a space suit.

Reed finishes the modifications on the Nullifier while Doom is still fighting with the rest of the team. His construct complete.

Reed goes for the hail Mary and tries to rush Doom. It seems like he’ll be able to get Vic with the Nullifier, but Doom knocks him back and snatches up the Nullifier with his telekinesis. He crushes it with one clench of his fist.

Our heroes stand there shocked. Everything they’ve worked on in the last few months. Destroyed. Once again Victor gloats about his apparent victory. Commenting on the things that always annoyed him about the team.

His construct begins to activate and starts converting energy on the other side of the rift to matter. It builds around the husk of the Baxter building, taking shape in a form similar to the original teleportation machine.

Just as Doom thinks he’s going to win, a fireball hits him from behind. He turns around to see the Fantastic Four ready to fight. Not about to give up yet. He turns around to ignore them, but then Sue yanks him back by his cape with a force bubble, causing him to fall on his ass.

Now Doom is pissed.

The fight is on. Doom focuses all of his attention on fighting our heroes. And it’s great. We get to see the team using the powers in tandem. Ben doing fastball specials with Reed, Sue bubbling up Doom while Johnny lights him up.

Again kind of like the fight in the actual film, except now that we’ve seen them work as a team before, it’s much more exciting.

As the battle continues, neither side seems to be getting the upper hand until Doom begins to get physical. He’s overpowering Ben and gets ready to finish him off with an energy bolt when Reed stretches his arm around Victor’s hand to stop him. Sue creates a bubble around Doom’s other hand to make some space between Doom and Ben. Finally, Johnny comes through with a flying tackle and drops Doom right into the rift.

As Doom seems to be stuck, we see the team start to break the construct as Doom struggles to escape. With one last punch from Ben, the construct is destroyed and Doom seems to disappear along with the rift.

Our heroes stand victorious. Worn out, but elated that they have finally defeated their foe. Suddenly a roar of applause and fanfare comes from below the Baxter building. The team turn around to see news helicopters and realize that they must have aired the entire battle. They go down to meet the public and are greeted with praise.

Dr. Elder arrives and tries to capitalize on the moment when reporters show up to interview the team, but the team announce that they are breaking ties with the government in favor of starting their own foundation. With the help of Dr. Storm of course.

So now the day is saved, everyone is happy and all is well.

We transition to our team gathering outside the Baxter Building as construction has started again.

Reed mentions that he sold a few patents in order to the money to buy the old institute building. Sue asks what they should call it and her dad says how it should be something that represents them building towards the Future. A little allusion/ foreshadowing to the Future Foundation.
Johnny asks how do they know Doom won’t return and Reed says that he and Sue are making a machine that will prevent the rifts before they happen. Ben says even if Doom does get through, he’ll still have the Fantastic Four to deal with.

We end with a shot of the Baxter building as our heroes look toward the future. Together, as a family.

And that’s the end of my take on Fantastic Four.


One more after credits scene. Because why not. We are taken to the country of Latveria. A field where someone is tending to their farm. Suddenly a rift opens and Doom falls out. The farmer runs away and Doom picks himself up. He looks at himself and sees that he’s returned to his mangled form from before. He clenches a fist and gives a monologue about how being in between the rift when it closed must have weakened him. He realizes that he’s returned home and says that he’ll need time before taking on the Fantastic Four, but Doom will have his day.

We now end with Doom’s visage looking toward the screen. Everything goes silent and dark, except for the sound of Doom’s terrifying laughter and a pair of green eyes fixed at the viewer.

Now the movie is over.

Okay, so that was my take on how I would have changed Fantastic Four.

I know it was very different in tone, but I at least hope that all of your out there found it entertaining. Maybe even a bit better than what he had been given.

If you liked my take or even if you didn’t, be sure to comment and tell me what you thought about it. And also maybe what movies you’d like to see me do next. I promise I’ll try to make it much shorter next time. I know this is a lot for a first article.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Bobby's been reading comics since he was in middle school. He's always had an interest since he was a little kid watching cartoons on Fox Kids and Kids WB. He hopes to one day get a job writing comics or television.

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