July 20, 2016 | by Barak Blackburn
GenCon, Baby, GenCon! T-Minus 2 Weeks

It’s 1,009 miles to Indy, we got a full tank of gas, a half full dice pouch, and we’re wearing superhero shirts.

On, Tuesday, August 2nd, AoG Editor Mike and I will be making a journey to GenCon. We will be making this journey in a car. I have been to GenCon several times, in a car, on a bus, and via jet. The bus was a trip to remember, 26 hours from start-to-finish, and not a method I would attempt again, from the dude attempting to reinstall his OS by restarting for 3 hours sitting next to me, to the total and utter lack of sleep, to the 4 hours spent in Cleveland from 3:30 am to 7:30 am. It was an experience. My first several trips to GenCon, when it was in Milwaukee, were in a car. I will miss the Safe House.

But, having been to Indy several times, it is a city not without charms. We have been planning this trip for some time, and will be embracing the road trip element, in our own geeky way. The trip begins when Mike departs AoG HQ at 0800 on Tuesday, August 2. He will pick me up, and then we will power through to Cleveland, OH for our first stop. Most of the fun times start happening on Weds, so planning the trip for a mid-afternoon arrival seemed the way to go. Why, Cleveland?

More, to the point, in February, was there anyone out there who would have guessed that the Cleveland Indians would be in first place?

Wait, what, sportsball?

That’s right, we are going to catch a baseball game. The first place Indians happened to be managed by an AoG favorite, Terry Francona. Likely, we will not be playing Start-O-Matic baseball, but you never know!

These days, the Indians are moving away from Chief Wahoo, so I will not bringing along my well worn hat from my 1970 Strat season, instead I have decided to go even more retro. I present to you, the 1975 Indians uniforms modeled by the starting 1B for my 1970 Cleveland Indians, the 1970 AL MVP, a four time All Star, Mr. Boog Powell. This uniform is widely considered one of the worst in MLB history.

The next day we will head to Indy, but not before a stop at the Hall of Justice.

En route, i am hoping for a Bob Evans food stop. Maybe a Waffle House as well.

And that should bring us to Indy with enough time to see Wil Wheaton, assuming he shows up this year. Seriously.

Years ago, GenCon’s ticket purchasing system was far more arcane, and Ian and I sat adjacent computers, siging up for games, hoping we might get in some games together. This was an improvement over the system wherein Pete and I mailed in our game requests. but now, the user interface is very slick, and Mike and I have full slate of games to look forward to, from 7th Sea to Changeling: the Dreaming, a Formula De tournament, and many superhero games, set in either the Marvel or DC universe. We’re nerdy like that. And, in one, hopefully we won’t be asked to leave the table for disrupting everything, as we have had our character requests approved.

And, both of us will be doing some stuff for Indie Games On Demand, I will be running games, and Mike will be hosting or running games.

Of course, we will hit the Dealer’s Room, where I don’t think it will take too much for me to convince Mike to get at least one mug full of dice, and I am hoping to snag a copy of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu!

We are hoping to chronicle our journey and do web updates, with pictures, ruminations, and reports of our shenanigans.

And if you’re going to be at the Indians game on Tuesday, August 2nd, look for us in RF, or if you’re at GenCon, hit us up!

Barak Blackburn is not Daredevil. Likes comic-books. Likes role-playing games. Finds that he often doesn't like British geeky things. Likes Brian Michael Bendis. Can find the good in projects others dismiss (Sucker Punch). Thinks The Specials is one of the greatest superhero movies. Ever. Likes Marvel over DC. Makes tens of dollars writing game stuff. Strives to be a better person because of characters he created. Adores Friday Night Lights. Tears up at the end of Cars. Would watch Boogie Nights any time. Thinks Zac Efron should be Nightwing.

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