October 7, 2016 | by Dana Gustafson
Such Sights To Show You: Catacombs (1988) and Asylum Blackout

I’d like to feature two films here for the same reason: mediocre scripts flushed out to chilling visions through superb set design. All involved in production, decorations, scouting, lighting, and camerawork on these films should be commended for making so much out of so little. The atmosphere created saves the day and propels these Z-grade projects into respectable B-movie status. Catacombs, not to be confused with The Catacombs starring Pink, brings us to a quaint Italian monastery which just so happens to be built upon the grave of the Anti-Christ. Asylum Blackout, stay with me, it’s a tricky plot, is about a power outage at a mental hospital. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Dana Gustafson loves his wife and children, who tolerate him during moments leading up to writing articles like these. He has an unhealthy infatuation, despite proper medication, with horror movies, Marvel comics, and Westerns. He wishes you well.

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