October 11, 2016 | by Dana Gustafson
Such Sights To Show You: Nomads

Before he got hauled off to prison for tax evasion, John McTiernan was on one hell of a roll. Die Hard. Predator. Hunt for Red October. Before he made those action tentpoles, he put out this very weird and creepy chiller focusing on possession, demons, ghosts, nuns, and paranoia. This is a solid thriller, sinfully overlooked. I’d recommend this to pretty much anybody, it’s all atmosphere with no gore. Perfect for a casual horror fan not wanting to get grossed out.

Dana Gustafson loves his wife and children, who tolerate him during moments leading up to writing articles like these. He has an unhealthy infatuation, despite proper medication, with horror movies, Marvel comics, and Westerns. He wishes you well.

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