October 10, 2016 | by Dana Gustafson
Such Sights To Show You: Patrick(1978) and Psychic Killer (1975)

Patrick is a comatose paraplegic. He seems to just exist without any interaction with the world, wasting away in his hospital room. But one of the nurses soon discovers that not only is he conscious, Patrick can kill people with his mind. Oh, funny, that reminds me of Psychic Killer, which is about this guy, who’s psychic, who kills people. Patrick is a quality film, Psychic Killer is a fascinating study in just how much you could get away with in a PG movie in 1975.


Dana Gustafson loves his wife and children, who tolerate him during moments leading up to writing articles like these. He has an unhealthy infatuation, despite proper medication, with horror movies, Marvel comics, and Westerns. He wishes you well.

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